When your company is more data driven, you can make better strategic decisions. Human Data Associates helps your (online) marketing become more data driven.

We are good at setting up the best marketing insights infrastructure to help you achieve higher revenues with better margins. We use only the industry best tools and services that are very easy to use. This enables you to do all operations and analysis in-house.

HDA is recognised by the leading technologies providers in the market as a partner. This empowers us to connect directly to their experience and use the tools and services in the best way possible. However we are always more than happy to improve your analytics capacities with your own favourite tools.

To improve your marketing performance, Human Data Associates uses the tools and services below.



Google Analytics

Enterprise-class insights

Let Google Analytics increase the profitability of your online customers. Break away from default out-of-the-box implementation and basic reporting to gain full control of this powerful analytics platform for better behavourial insights of your customers, better allocation of marketing spend through stronger channel attribution and conversion optimization. Based on your business objectives, KPIs and targets we design and implement Google Analytics for maximum insights in your online customers. We’re a proud to be a certified partner by Google in Google Analytics

Google Tag Manager

Deploy online tools fast

Google Tag Manager allows you to conveniently manage tags (such as tracking and marketing optimization tags) on your site. We manage all required tags such as from AdWords, Google Analytics, Facebook, DoubleClick, Usabilla, Optimize, Visual Website Optimizer etc. from Google Tag Manager. This prevents editing the site code itself with long deployment times. You’ll save time and gain accurate insights on user behaviour with our experts in the driver’s seat. We’re a proud to be a technology partner of Google


Amazon Web Services

Reliable and scalable cloud computing

Amazon Web Services can provide you with the central marketing data-warehouse you might be currently lacking. In this platform, we blend all your offline and online data-sources such CMS, call center and fulfilment data with online behavioural data (website, mobile, email, advertising). This provides you a 360-degree view of your customers.

Amazon Web Services enables you to get the most advanced big data analytics platform in dys without any large upfront investments.

See our data orchestration tool eBDB how we can migrate your data from local databases and cloud datasources to Amazon Web Service, in batch or real-time.

We are proud to be a registered partner of Amazon Web Services


Your elastic data pipeline

With eBDB Human Data Associates offers a fully managed elastic data pipeline. All your data cleaned and organized in a full data warehouse.

Instead of wasting precious development time on wrangling data integrations from all of your cloud services, let the eBDB middleware solution do the heavy lifting. Focus instead on extracting the most insights from all your combined data.

Our eBDB is designed with the highest security standards and fully elastic, meaning we can fully automatic scale up to 65,000 servers when data load would require this.

We have streams available for Webanalytics, Advertising, Social and multiple email and CRM providers and we can deploy them in days. Additional streams can be deployed at low costs.



Advanced self-service analytics for analysts

Alteryx combines data preparation, data blending, and advanced analytics – predictive and spatial – using an intuitive user interface. This enables your analysts to do data analysis in hours that used to require an army of IT specialists before.

Prepping, blending and analysing data has always been a slow and tedious process. Alteryx improves this process by delivering a repeatable workflow for self-service data analytics. Deep insights, which once took weeks to formulate, now takes hours.

Human Data Associates is proud to be one of the first global certified and preferred partners of Alteryx


Visual storytelling with data

Communicate your data with strong visuals instead of tables for faster insights. A picture tells more then a thousand words.

Tableau is the market leading data visualisation tool. The easy to use interactive dashboard makes it easy to spot patterns and visual trends, enabling anyone to see and understand your data.

Connect to your database, drag and drop to create visualizations, add advanced calculations to your data and share with a click. Tableau is optimised in usability so find the answers to your questions in minutes.