Increase your profitability per customer

Better data adds clarity and focus to your marketing efforts. At Human Data Associates, we specialize in data analytics for online marketing. We can help you achieve higher profitability through better and more targeted marketing. This helps you target your most profitable customers, recognize cross selling opportunities and prevent churn.

We serve leading brands in the world. They trust us to build their online marketing intelligence environment as we have a highly specialised team for online marketing and advanced data platforms.

We can deliver your first actionable insights within matters of days.

Actionable dashboards based on realtime datastreams

How we do it

Measure your online customers

We optimize the performance of your marketing channels across your entire enterprise through improving the measurement and analysis of your online and offline data continuously. This all starts with creating a measurement framework that aligns your objectives, KPI’s and targets with the data you need to capture.

Enabling 360º customer view

To get a true 360-degree view of your customers, you need to go beyond online measurement and blend data from different online and offline sources. This provides a complete picture of your customers’ behavior, we call this the Marketing Analytics Cloud. We setup your marketing cloud in matter of days, all secure and encrypted in line with the highest standards of compliancy.

Higher profitability per customer

By applying predictive analytics to all your data, we are able to identify your customers’ drivers, identity and brand preferences. This helps you to better target your marketing programs to customers and prospects, leading to a higher profitability per customer.


Stay ahead of the competition

Human Data Associates helps your (online) marketing become more data driven. We are good at setting up the best of breed technologies and marketing processes to help you achieve higher revenues with better margins.

Our subscription-based data streams ingest large datasets from all your different data sources into a central data warehouse on a daily or real-time basis. This is what we call our Marketing Analytics Cloud. Out of the box we have data streams available for Webanalytics, Advertising, Social and multiple email, CRM and call centre solution providers. Additional data streams can be setup at low costs.

After setting up your online marketing cloud including our data streams and best practices, we can always hand it over to you so you can manage all operations. That is why we only work with best-of-class tools like Alteryx, Tableau and Amazon Web Services. Your people can perform the analyses themselves with these tools and we focus on your way to marketing analytics maturity. This approach keeps your costs low and your upside potential maximised.

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Let's make more profit

By analysing customer behavior and characteristics we create data-driven customer segments to personalize your communications, leading to higher conversion rates.

A Market Basket Analysis enables you to recognize up- and cross-selling opportunities per customer, which can be executed with personal and relevant messaging.

Some customers cost you money, some are responsible for the largest share of your profit. We help you keep your most profitable customers.

Optimize user-driven advertising based on advanced attribution modelling across channels, devices and time. Spend only on advertising that actually makes money for you. 

Why choose Human Data Associates?

Speed of light

We are able to provide you with insights in days instead of months. We have invested in automating the roll out of your data infrastructure. This enables us to deliver you the necessary business insights in a very short timeframe.

Actionable insights

It’s easy to look at data but hard to make sense of it. We will help you understand which metrics are relevant to your goals. Then we will provide you with the insights to make the right decisions, real-time.

Empower your team

We will help your data people so they will understand how to look at data, what to measure and how to draw the right conclusions. By increasing your in-house expertise, you can keep your costs low.


Human Data Associates is perfectly suited for an objective evaluation of your marketing channels as we are independent from publishers, advertising agencies and/or marketing solution providers.

Privacy & security

As the internet and its users matures, trust is becoming an increasingly important factor in the digital ecosystem. Privacy and cyber-security risks are always top priorities during the design process of our services.

A holistic approach

We have an approach looking at your customers across all marketing channels. Similar as with data, we don’t think in silo’s. Everything we do is in the interest of the company-wide (online) marketing activities.

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