Understanding your data is critical. Human Data Associates helps you to improve, measure and analyse your data through our three pillar approach:

  1. Online Measurement
  2. Data Integration
  3. Online Marketing Intelligence

Below you will find our services around our three pillars and how we provide support.



Having the right data can be the difference between success or failure. HDA helps you to measure, analyse and improve your online data.

The first step is to create a measurement framework that aligns your objectives, KPI’s and targets with the data you need to capture.

The second step is to implement this online measurement framework across all online channels in the same way. Unlike most firms, we can implement your measurement framework across all channels and across your entire enterprise with one script. As part of our online measurement services we can test automatically your digital estate across thousands of browsers and operating systems.

After implementing this framework, our visual approach to data makes it easy to spot trends and gain valuable insights. We can provide you these insights in real time for all your owned digital channels.



To get a true 360-degree view of your customers, you need to go beyond online measurement and blend data from different online and online sources. This what we call the Marketing Analytics Cloud.

Our subscription-based datastreams ingest large datasets from all your different datasources into the Marketing Analytics Cloud on a hourly, daily, weekly or real-time basis. Out of the box we have datastreams available for Webanalytics, Advertising, Social and multiple email, CRM and call centre solution providers. Additional datastreams can be setup at low costs.

The setup of the Marketing Analytics Cloud is in line with the highest standards of data protection and security. All communication with the Marketing Analytics Cloud is encrypted and secure. We can monitor all user activity and report and act directly on usage and unexpected behaviour.

After having set up your Marketing Analytics Cloud with our data streams, we can handover the operations to your IT organisation. The data in the Marketing Analytics Cloud will always be yours.

Below are some of our connectors available for you out of the box:


Slide Adobe Analytics Datastream connector for Hubspot Datastream connector for Google BigQuery Datastream connector for Google DoubleClick Datastream connector for Hadoop HDFS


Better analysis leads to better decisions. Once you know your customers’ behaviour you can apply predictive analytics to identify their drivers, identity and brand preferences. This helps you better communicate with them, leading to higher profitability per customer.

Using big data sets, we can segment your current and potential customers based on brand preferences, predicted customer lifetime value and social demographics. This enables you to target existing customers and high value prospects for cross- and up-sell opportunities and to prevent churn of your most profitable customers.

Our goal is to increase the the profitablity of you marketing activities and improve your analytics capabilities so you can drive your own online marketing intelligence your self. This is also why we use only best of breed tools and services like Alteryx, Tableau and Amazon Web Services. These tools enable you to do the analytics yourself.



Our support is open for all our customers without any costs but the level of support differs between three different service levels available.

HDA has three levels of support to offer to our customers: Basic Support, Standard Support and Outrageous Support.

We also have a support site for customers where you’ll find the best blogs and posts describing best practices on applying predictive analytics for (online) marketing and how-to’s for Google Analytics, Amazon Web Services, Alteryx and Tableau.