Optimising the Most Profitable Channels – A Guide on Traffic Sources

Optimising the most profitable channels – A guide on Google Analytics Traffic Sources To optimize a firm’s online performance, it is crucial to understand how customers land on the website. This is provided in Google Analytics’ reports on traffic sources and can take several forms, such as “referral”, when users access the website via another,…


Get New Customers Through Lookalike Audiences!

Get your favourite customers through Lookalike Audiences! As a marketeer, acquisition is one of the concepts you have to deal with on a daily basis. You will always need “fresh blood” to grow. So how do marketeers attract brand-new visitors or customers to their website? One of the more popular methods is to perform advertising…


Installing pgAdmin 4 in Runtime Mode in Linux

Installing pgAdmin 4 in Runtime Mode in Linux At Human Data Associates we use PostgreSQL databases. We store our data and the ETL tooling works on top of PostgreSQL. To manage our jobs and data, we make use of the application pgAdmin. For a long time, pgAdmin 3 was the standard. However, pgAdmin 4 is already released…


Achieving 3 times Greater ROI through Customer Journey Management

Customer Journey is the complete path of sequential steps that potential consumers follow during the process of buying a product or using a service. It portrays how a prospective customer comes into the realization of a certain need and ends up being a buyer. The Customer Journey poses the extent of consumers staying loyal to that certain purchase and/or the brand.


More than 1M ETL jobs for one of our customers

Our customers are interested in increasing profitability through Data Driven Marketing and not so much in the IT side of it. How hard it actually is to ensure smooth operations is solved by our tooling, making sure the customer can focus on what matters most. Last week we reached a milestone.


Visualise all Dutch cities and neighbourhoods in Tableau

For visualization of data nothing is more powerful then a map. Tableau is a fantastic tool in creating the most stunning visualizations and it also enables you to show data in a map. By combining different datasets you can for instance relate profit margins to geographic regions to help you understand your business better.


Tracking the trackers

When you browse online advertisments are shown to you through ad servers. Whether you visit a newssite, shop online or watch a video on YouTube, these activities are being tracked by ad-servers and they create a profile of you. These profiles serve the ad-servers to you with more relevant advertising.


Alteryx receives USD 60 million in funding

Alteryx, Inc., the leader in data blending and advanced analytics, today announced a $60 Million investment led by Insight Venture Partners with participation from existing investors, SAP Ventures and Toba Capital. This new investment is in response to the explosive growth Alteryx has experienced in the last year, with over 200 percent growth in its customer base.


Visualising shipping traffic in the Baltic Sea

This mesmerising animation by Lauri Vanhala is mostly an environmental statement. Do we indeed control all risks associated with the rise of international traffic over water and are we prepared for the impact a disaster has on the environments.

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