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Our three pillar approach

In the digital marketing age, understanding your data is critical. Human Data Associates helps you to improve, measure and analyse your online data. Our three pillar approach includes services around:

  1. Online Measurement
  2. Data Integration
  3. Online Marketing Intelligence

On our services page you will find our services around our three pillars and support. Under Tools you will find the software and technology we use to support the three pillar approach.

Organisations have to grow into a data driven organisation. We provide strategic consultancy around how a company can grow it skills in Online Marketing Intelligence. This is summarised in our Marketing Analytics Maturity Model.

Read all about our services to enable :

  • Online Measurement
  • Data integration
  • Online marketing intelligence

See the best-in-class tools we use to provide you with marketing insights. All tools are easy to use and have always in common that you could use them yourselves.

Discover our 5 steps model to help your organisation grow in applying advanced marketing analytics to improve the profitability per customer.
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